Anglia Square Redevelopment Plans in Norwich

New plans have been revealed that hope to breathe life into Anglia Square in Norwich. The ambitious new plans aim to revitalise Anglia Square, which is largely unoccupied except for retail units and the four screen cinema.

Consultations are taking place by Weston Homes Plc and site owner Columbia Threadneedle, working with Norwich City Council to finalise the vision before a full planning application is submitted.

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2 thoughts on “Anglia Square Redevelopment Plans in Norwich

  1. Great that Anglia Square is to be pulled down and re-built but would question the merit of just putting in another cinema complex. Norwich does not warrant another cinema complex. In order to re-generate the area and improve life for those who live in the Constitution area and pas the Artichoke pub what would really boost the area and Norwich is if a concert hall was built. I did email the council on this point but nobody bothered to respond. We also do not need another shopping centre. Norwich should be concentrating on re-booting Castle Mall. However perhaps a decent supermarket such as Waitrose would not go amiss either. Looking forward to a bright new future for Anglia Square which in its present state is seedy and there are unpleasant dealings and things going on there.

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