Updated retail development plans on Denmark Road in Lowestoft

Update: See how these plans affect the proposed Lake Lothing Third Crossing project.

The plans for a new retail development on Denmark Road in Lowestoft have been updated to include the proposed drive-thru restaurant. The new plans also include an extra four retail units and a reconfigured car park. The plans were amended on 15th November 2016 and Application was permitted on the 15th December 2016.


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View the full application at http://publicaccess.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=ODHNCSQXG3T00 or search for DC/16/3844/OUT

2 thoughts on “Updated retail development plans on Denmark Road in Lowestoft

  1. what a joke Lowestoft already has a retail park, if stuff like this keeps happening Lowestoft town will be no more, sort it out.

  2. My issue with the plans are the quantity of trees they’re giving back for the concrete. It’s already a dog walkers poop alley central, with so few trees and a heavily sheared nature, the local domestic animals will kick up all the stones to mix and will look like the adjacent poo pebbles shopping precinct, with the crazy paving careful where you stand cavalier way. The access road itself is medieval in width which is a form of voluntary poverty of consciousness, you’d think would be common knowledge in the area but is not. The buildings themselves are cheap, embarrassing of the archetectural works of our ancestors and make us all look disrespectful even when it is no reflection on other architectural areas of the town, also reflects where the money in society has relocated into landowners that sit about and fart their way through old age, while the young vegetate, beg and work triple. The lack of trees per property in the area is a testament to the locals creativity and their strength as a community and there should be a no dogs for anyone policy taken up in the town with the headline ‘too many folks means too many dogs and we can’t cope with the feces quantities, so no dogs for all sorry’, but the councilers have friend from foe syndrome and cannot identify that we even have a human overpopulation problem less a domestic animal issue, which will also solve the flees, lice, ticks, mice, rats, bedbugs, dog poo bins, poo stain bench problems that the local residents have adopted and taken up, embraced to the full, abreasted, woven into the fabric of their lives and acceptances, the faeces waft smells from more dogs than people. Good luck trying to sell to outsiders, it will have to be locals you sell to.

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