Lowestoft Third River Crossing Outline Business Plan

An outline business case has been submitted to the Department for Transport for Lowestoft’s third river crossing. The scheme is estimated to cost £80-90million. If approved, construction would begin in 2018 for completion in 2020.

The full business case can be read along with other documents at www.lowestoftcrossing.co.uk

Lowestoft third crossing location


2 thoughts on “Lowestoft Third River Crossing Outline Business Plan

  1. Definitely agree with a third bridge, will Give major boost to dying town, I hate travelling to Lowestoft rather go to Norwich but wish we had better facilities shops cinema hotels restaurants nearer to be honest.soooo please please give the dying town a big boost

    1. Leisure is definitely needed and a third crossing will open up all of the land around it to development. A new modern cinema and a better selection of restaurants around the waterfront from where this new bridge would be built to station square would be a big improvement.

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