Lowestoft Third Crossing Update

Pre-Consultation Engineering Design

The Lowestoft Third Crossing project is currently in the engineering design phase which is taking place before a public consultation due to take place in Summer 2017. The current schedule for a full planning application to be submitted in Winter 2017 although construction is not due to start until 2019/20 for completion in 2022.

Suffolk County Council Official Updates

Suffolk County Council have a dedicated page on their website relating to Lowestoft Third Crossing which also includes newsletters and Q&A documents.

Visit the Lake Lothing Third Crossing page here.


Lowestoft Third Crossing Fly-Through

Conflict with Denmark Road Retail Development (DC/16/3844/OUT)

A potential conflict is seen with the proposed retail development on Denmark Road, however a project as significant as this can still go ahead regardless of any building in the path of the bridge before then. As explained in below, taken from a committee meeting on the 13th December 2016.

The application site is a potential landing point for the northern side of the proposed third crossing of Lake Lothing. However this is not considered to be an issue of material substance for the consideration of this application. The Nationally Significant Infrastructure Proposal (NSIP) process makes provision for dealing with such circumstances where third party land is required to deliver an NSIP project. There are provisions within the NSIP Development Consent Order (DCO) process to enable the land required to deliver the bridge to be delivered. As will be noted in the response above from the Consenting Manager for the third crossing (paras. 4.68-4.72) discussions are currently taking place with the landowner who would be entitled to compensation, whether the land required for the scheme is secured by agreement, or by the use of compulsory acquisition powers, which the DCO may include. Therefore if this planning application is approved it would not affect the proposed third crossing process at all.


Third Crossing Outline Business Plan

Denmark Road Retail Development

Lake Lothing Third Crossing on Suffolk County Council

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