Burger King in Lowestoft on Mariners Street

Update: As of February 2017, work has started on preparing the site, however there is no indication of a completion date.

After searching in Lowestoft for many years, Burger King have finally settled on a location. Plans have been submitted, approved and construction is due to start on a new drive-thru restaurant on Mariners Street. The new Lowestoft Burger King is due to open in December 2016.

Lowestoft Burger King Plans

The full planning application (DC/16/2784/RG3) can be found at http://planningpublicaccess.waveney.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=O9UJYSQXLVM00

2 thoughts on “Burger King in Lowestoft on Mariners Street

  1. Why they decided to grant local planning permission here is very controversial and leads us to wonder about the internal competencies. For anyone who doesn’t know there is a heavily dog fouled social housing and grotty flats one side and the towns old town the other side, so we have an interesting nullified section of no mans land in the middle where the old community offices once were. Eastern Europeans are always found in the old towns and the underclass are always found in the grotty tenements, so it’s good that this burger king is a drive through because it’s not in the centre of town where the generative exchanges are taking place it’s also no where near the retail and industrial areas, it’s a strange place to put it frankly. The local dog foul will waft into their air conditioning units in the summer and in the winter you’ll have to be careful when on foot. As long as the local police enforcement officers maintain not being shy then it should be ok, but we’re they ever to become shy, even relaxed for a day then this burger king would as I said be in no mans land, between the migrant area and local underclass area, it could become a battleground and place for grotty shady deals and litter dropping.

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