Brooke Peninsula Waterfront redevelopment in Lowestoft (DC/13/3482/OUT)

Brooke Peninsula MAIN

A masterplan was prepared and an outline planning application submitted to redevelop the land on Brooke Peninsula into a new waterfront community with up to 850 houses, 1774 sqm of commercial space, a marina building a primary school and other infrastructure.

The masterplan was completed by Assael Architects for Cardy Construction Ltd.

Outline planning permission was permitted (DC/13/3482/OUT) detailing: Planning application for the demolition of the existing industrial units and residential-led mixed use redevelopment for residential use (use class C3) of up to 850 dwellings or 950,000 sqft (whichever is the greater), up to 1774sqm commercial (use classes A1-A5), marina building (sui generis), 1.5 form entry primary school, together with associated infrastructure including a new spine road access and open space (as amended).

The full planning application can be viewed here

6 thoughts on “Brooke Peninsula Waterfront redevelopment in Lowestoft (DC/13/3482/OUT)

  1. Before this happens I think you need to up the game with decent shops for jobs and traffic congestion, then maybe Lowestoft can start breathing again with big investments and jobs for people. Not only that We have some beautiful beaches and l
    Beautiful countryside to visit.
    Are we a forgotten town!!!!!

    1. It’s a difficult situation. Because while I agree that we need the shops and jobs before new residential areas are built, I also think that bringing more residential properties will also force the areas around them to improve what they offer. More people within an area means those people need more local amenities. Businesses are less likely to invest in an area where there is no demand. This plan in particular is good because it includes a lot of shops and restaurants around the waterfront and a link bridge to Normanston Park.

  2. Fantastic opportunity ! bigger the better after all we are the second biggest town in Suffolk ! plans look amazing – wouldn’t it be great to include some innovative creative workspace ‘live work’ floating? units to develop a ‘jewellery quarter’ – I’m up for it !!!!

  3. To add…
    My vision of new build would be small sleeping areas, large bathroom / dressing areas – minimal partitioned lounge / office area – kitchen with sitting areas – all shelving and cupboards let into the external walls rather than protruding into the rooms – staircase (even in flats) to have changeable step depth to act as indoor exercise facility – all rooms to have sunlight tubes – and solar power/heating and triple glazing – external walls vinyl wrapped – service charge for dedicated regular communal electric busvan to drop off and collect people/bikes/shopping – service charge to pay experts to grow food in polytunnel using harvested water / compost etc. close by. Live/work units to have self contained work rooms/display windows .

  4. Great to see a little bit of vision for the future. Creating plenty of work for construction and an inspiration for other parts. Lets hope its sustainable and it still provides access to the broads via Lake Loathing.

    Its going to be very difficult with traffic congestion, if only the LA actually went with that bridge proposal paid for by Nissan and all that development that had been proposed 20 years or so ago…

  5. I always encourage vision and good upright standing decency and honourable becoming policies and investments.

    Be careful from an investment standpoint here there is considerable con woven into the model. The area has a serious litter issue on the other side of the water with a daily heavy dog fouling, there is also a stagnant water area as well as a persistence bird foul rain from the large resident gull population. Recently very small inadequate homes have been built in the area on the last remaing grass areas, there is social housing nearby, the area has a problem with crime and anti social behaviour, it has too few jobs for the number of properties and quantities of individuals from the city deluding themselves into thinking taking a position here would be a better life for them and disturbing the local peace. The water is jet black thats because they have a local policy of killing the local fauna and flora and every possible convenience, shearing back nature as often as possible, there are no water based plants, the remnants of industry has turned into a dog fouled area. The cost of these properties will be laughable but you will get buyers they just won’t be smart people evidently, then you’ll get your void then later you’ll get your anti social behaviour and later your neglect and then later the value of the properties in the area will fall. As I say be careful with your investments with this one.

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