Great Yarmouth Town Centre Redevelopment Master Plan

lThe Great Yarmouth Town Centre Master Plan

A master plan has been created for Great Yarmouth Town Centre by Great Yarmouth Borough Council to provide a clear vision on the future of the town. Also included is Station Gateway, Market Place, The Conge, Hall Plain, The Rows and the heart of the Town Centre. The Heart of the Town Centre includes areas like Regent Road, Regent Street, King Street, Victoria Arcade. The Borough Council are asking for public opinions on the draft before creating the final master plan that will be adopted.

The Heart of Great Yarmouth Town Centre

The heart of the town centre (around King Street and Regent Street/Regent Road) aims to be improved with a range of new leisure-based schemes, cafes, bars and restaurants. 

Market Place

The Market Place will be revitalised by renewed shop frontages while 6 and 2 day markets will be supported by new stalls and services. The Market Place will be re-paved to create a beautiful setting for an expanded programme of outdoor events.

Station Gateway and The Conge

Great Yarmouth Train Station and the surrounding areas need to create a sense of arrival and departure. Being the first area that many tourists see when they visit. The area also needs to provide a pleasant and obvious route from the station to the town centre via The Conge. The Conge itself will be transformed; with new mixed-use development on both sides connecting the station to the Marketplace.

Great Yarmouth Town Centre Redevelopment Masterplan

Hall Plain and The Rows

Other areas also included in the master plan are Hall Plain, where a new third river crossing will hopefully be completed, helping to regenerate the area and the historic Rows will be preserved and improved, highlighting routes connecting all areas in the master plan.

Join in the consultation

The consultation will take place from Monday 9th January to Monday 30th January 2017. You can take part in the following ways between these dates:

  • Market Gates Shopping Centre exhibitions, held on one day of each week
  • On the council’s website:
  • The Town Hall are providing paper consultation forms
  • A staffed exhibition at Great Yarmouth College and Great Yarmouth Sixth Form College

View the full draft master plan at

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