A47 Corridor Improvements at Great Yarmouth, Acle and Blofield

Roads Investment Strategy 1 include locations for improvements from 2020. Highways England has received £300 million to improve or dual locations along the A47/A12.

We will report on individual projects when they are announced including updates and improvements to the Acle Straight, Vauxhall Roundabout and Gapton Hall Roundabout. All of which need drastic improvement, although schemes in this round of improvements are unlikely to include major reconfiguration of problem areas like Gapton Hall.

The preferred routes and improvements are due to be announced mid-2017 with works scheduled to start in 2020 for completion around 2022.

The full list of improvements are as follows:

Junction Explanation of Improvements
A47 Blofield to North Burlingham Dualling To complete the gap in dual carriageway between Norwich and Acle
A47 North Tuddenham to Easton Dualling To provide continuous dual carriageway between Norwich and Dereham
A47 Wansford to Sutton Dualling To complete dualling between Peterborough and the A1
A47/A12 Great Yarmouth Junction Improvements Schemes such as the reconstruction of the Vauxhall roundabout
A47 Acle Straight Safety Measures Improved safety measures at key accident hotspots
A47/A11 Thickthorn Junction Improvement Improving the junction interchange to improve the access into Norwich
A47 Guyhirn Junction Improvement Creation of a larger junction linking the A47 and A141


One thought on “A47 Corridor Improvements at Great Yarmouth, Acle and Blofield

  1. I am rather sceptical about the recent move to rename the Lowestoft to Gt. Yarmouth stretch of the A12 as the A47 and the reasons given for it.
    The change as far as I can accertain from the road signs means that the A12 now terminates at Pier Terrace on the south side of the bascule bridge and the A47 terminates at Station Square on the north side.
    Therefore rendering the bridge itself an “unnumbered no-mans land” instead of an integral part of the A12 trunk road which it was.
    It’s my unpleasant theory that the third crossing project has, because of this, technically been declassified from an A road route to an anonymous bit of elevated tarmac between separate A road routes not regarded by the Highways Agency as connected. The result of this new status I fear, means that the new bridge has been bumped down to the very bottom of the government’s “funding priority” list!
    This I believe may be their way of “wriggling out” of giving Lowestoft a third crossing, following David Cameron’s “cast iron guarantee” that it would be provided!!!
    As a lifelong resident of Lowestoft, I sincerely hope I’m wrong…..

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