A12 From Great Yarmouth to Lowestoft renamed to A47

Work has begun to rename a section of the A12 from Great Yarmouth to Lowestoft as the A47. The work will take approximately 12 weeks to complete, during which time 188 signs will be updated to reflect the change, including replacement of 42 old signs and stickers to cover the rest.

The A47 from Great Yarmouth to Lowestoft

The route stretches from where the A47 currently becomes the A12 at the Vauxhall roundabout in Great Yarmouth and finishes in Lowestoft, creating a continuous corridor from West Peterborough to Lowestoft.

Why change the A12 to the A47?

The change is being made to better reflect the A47/A12 as a continuous corridor from West of Peterborough to Lowestoft. It is also thought that renaming this stretch of the A12 to the A47 will better aid the regeneration/upgrade of the route and allow the stretch between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft a slice of the £300 million set aside by government to upgrade to the A47.

You can read more about the A47 upgrade projects in our A47 Corridor Improvements post and at a47alliance.co.uk and http://roads.highways.gov.uk/projects/a47-corridor-improvement-programme/

9 thoughts on “A12 From Great Yarmouth to Lowestoft renamed to A47

  1. “The change is being made to better reflect the A47/A12 as a continuous corridor from West of Peterborough to Lowestoft.”
    – What about the A12 being a continuous ‘corridor’ from London to Great Yarmouth ?

    What is a ‘corridor’ in this context anyway ?
    The A14 is a patchwork quilt of a road, having to turn off ot twice to stay on it but that wasn’t renumbered from A45/A604 to better reflect it as being a continuous corridor, was it ?

    Just seems like a waste of monay and a way to annoy locals who knew where the main roads were.

  2. I bet all the signs from Peter I will still say GT Yarmouth and will not be changed to Lowestoft to reflect the new A47 extension. I thought not. What a waste of time and money 🙁

    1. Also, will signs on the A12 coming away from London now include instructions to leave the A12 and go onto the A47 for Great Yarmouth? Changing road numbers is like throwing a stone in a pond – the ripples extend far beyond the ‘plop’. Agreed, it is a total waste of time and money.

  3. I have always known it as the A12 since I was born why change it now people r going to get confused especially when asked the way to Yarmouth u now have to says A47 why couldn’t u leave it as the A12

    1. I believe it’s all just a crafty way of justifying not giving us a third crossing as we all know the government will!
      They are as much as saying “If you’re going to the ports of Yarmouth or Lowestoft – use the A47. If you’re going to Notley’s – use the A12.”!!!

  4. Its not just the locals who may be confused. Having amended the road signs between Gt Yarmouth and Lowestoft including the signs “A47 previously the A12” the Highways Agency have today published in the local press detailed Public Notices which contain references to works on the A12 Trunk Road at Great Yarmouth , The A12 at between its junction with the A1243 Pasteur Road/Gapton Hall Roundabout etc. The notices are valid for 18 months!

  5. What an utter waste of money, all my maps are now out of date. How long for TomTom and Garmin to catch up? I agree with the comment that the A12 goes from London to Gt Yarmouth. If we need to save money then sack the people who thought of this.

  6. I agree with the comments about the A12 already linked to London under the same vein of premises. I think we need to begin thinking seriously about joining the two towns by a series of parks and dedicated walk ways so that the island may be considered a city island and we should choose a name with the worth of a thousand years for the new city island. I think in terms of survival in the new world where things like China joins 3 cities to form a gargantuan city happen; joining Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth together with a series of parks to ‘colonise the island’ and ‘expand fritton forest’ may lead to things later such as artifical sand lagoons off the coast of gorleston similar to dubai’s, biggest sea defences for the two towns new city and the future island that will be formed as the sea rises over the oncoming chronology of centuries. Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth as the new city, will be as at risk of coastal erosion and inundation as Miami, and with the new city name we’ll be able to pitch for documentary films about sea level rise, as a city. We’ll also be able to pool the talent we have between the towns for newly emerging high tech industries and pitch for the 1st crossing aka the Anglia to Amsterdam bridge, which we could join to the new A47 in the middle were we aiming to join the two towns to seal the fate of the futurologically new island.

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